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Back and Neck Pain

Find relief for your neck and back pain

Our dedicated and professional staff here at Healing Hands understands that you just don't feel like yourself with neck and back pain.
We'll listen as you tell us your symptoms and make sure you understand all of your options.

Our team cares about your recovery

When you've tried changing how you sleep and even exercise doesn't seem to help your neck and back pain, we're here to help.
When you schedule an appointment with us, you'll receive a thorough examination and we can then discover how to eliminate the pain you feel in your neck and back.

Finding the right treatment for neck and back pain

You will receive recommendations for care and treatment options from our dedicated and professional chiropractors.
Our chiropractors and all of our staff sincerely care about your seeing you fully recover. We understand every patient is unique and your plan will be customized for your particular needs